My Breadmaker Pan Is Leaking

The breadmaker pan on my Cookworks Breadmaker has developed a leak, though i hasn’t stopped me from using it to successfully make bread.  Obviously this state of affairs is not desirable in the long term and after briefly surfing the Net to find a replacement pan, without success, I decided to continue using the one I have until it gives up on me. When that happens I shall buy a new breadmaker.

I am a bit disappointed the breadmaker hasn’t lasted longer. It is only eighteen months old, and I have used it at least five out of the seven days every week since new. The Cookworks Signature was the first bread machine I bought, and it has been a good breadmaker up until now, and it still makes a good loaf of bread.

I have learned a lot about bread making since I bought this machine and have really enjoyed baking and eating the fresh bread it produces. Although it came with a recipe leaflet, I don’t use it, as I prefer to use my own recipes, without butter and milk.

Buying any replacement parts for Cookworks breadmakers seems to be a lost cause, so I shall have to buy a new machine sometime.

Specifically, the problem is the washer that fits on the spindle, on to which the paddle slides, has perished, leaving a gap between the base of the paddle in the pan, so that water can leak out of the pan base.

Short of finding a suitable replacement washer, I have resorted to leaving the pan in the breadmaker while adding the recipe ingredients, and the bread continues to be just as I like it.

In my next post I shall be writing about the breadmakers I looked at as a possible replacement.